Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just a Bumble of Stuffs

My room is filled with my other room. The other room being the dorm room. I can barely walk in my bedroom, because my dorm room stuff is in the way. Dammit, i just realized that I need a new wheelie-drawer thing... And I was just at WalMart, too. I know, I know, I watched two movies over the course of the year of how bad The Wal is. But I am a poor college kid and The Place is cheap. Anyway, I'm looking at all the stuff around me and I realized that I don't need a good 3/4 of what I own. And I am too lazy to do anything about it... le sigh.

At least Chuck Norris hasn't died yet. I'm worried that in the small tank, he will suffocate, but he's swimming around like a happy gold fish and plays with that little plastic puffer fish that came with his big tank. Fernando, on the other hand, is not happy in his wicked small tank, so even though he looks cute in it and it has a nice set up, with the rocks I got from the Brighton, England and a piece of the plant from Chucky's tanks, I will put him back in his 1 gal. tank as soon as Dad makes the cover for Chucky's tank... Well, I can't very well put a Betta and a Goldfish together, right?

I'm bored. And tired. I'll let this post end randomly.

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