Monday, February 12, 2007

CD Review: #1--Soapbox Heroes

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Track List
Lancaster Gate
One Last Drink
New Monthly Flavour
The Apothecary
The Barfly
No More Stones
Perfect Song
Marti's Last Stand
Long Way Home

Release Date: June 2006

Genre: "Celtic Fusion" Rock

I'm an actor
A web voyeur
I'm a fall-down follow-through
Trying hard to find somebody
And be somebody
Like we're all supposed to do...

This is slightly unfair, because Enter the Haggis is my favorite band, so I might be biased. Too bad. This is an AMAZING album. It's my favorite of all their releases. All the songs are original, and though they are starting to expand away from the Celtic scene, there is still a lot of Celtic flavor.

I've had a life that's full
Everyone's been good to me
So fire up that fiddle boy
And give me one last drink
When the sun comes up
I will leave without a fight
But the world is mine tonight...

I have two favorite tracks on this CD. The first being "One Last Drink." It's a great foot stomper and a crowd favorite. I prefer the live version--I've seen this band about seven times in the past year in a half, when I started liking them--but the album's "Celtic Ska version" as I call it is still really good. Nothing beats seeing this band live, though:

Here is a video of them performing it live! The video is, well, sideways, but oh well.

It it's the same damn song
Why are you listening?...

The other song I love is "Cynical." Probably because I am cynical, but it has an awesome beat that is fun to dance to. But you can't just do any dance. You have to do old school things like the twist, the swim, etc. Don't ask why. Just do it.

Now her father just sits
All alone at the bar
He orders his drinks
Smokes cigarettes
He knows he can't afford
He's got no regrets
Says he's doing quite well
But every old man
Has a story to tell...

The rest of the album is wonderful as well. Some of the lyrics are touching. "Marti's Last Stand" has a very political statement in it. "The Barfly" will make you want to cry. "Long Way Home" will tug at your heart.

All alone at dinnertime
With no one left to drink the wine
As I propose a toast
To every family that's paid

Hey-Ho wind does blow
Won the war and now
There's nothing to show
Seeds sewn time to grow
No more stones to throw!...

When I describe this band, this is what I tell people: "Celtic rock from Canada." Yep, the band is from Toronto, but play in the states more then Canada. They have a HUGE following of fans called Haggis Heads. Yes, I consider myself one of them, but it's a tight community that has been hard to crack, and, in fact, I have yet to really become part of that community. But it's all about the music anyway.

What is the world we've left our sons and daughter now?
So full of hatred, pain, hypocrisy, and power
We would not listen when they told us how they felt
And so, by god, I hope you're happy now...

If you have a chance to see them in concert, I HIGHLY suggest it. You will love them. Everyone who I take to see them does.

This suitcase of memories
Is all I have to show
I think I can make it
But it's a long way to go...

Spread the Haggis!!

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Did you rise up with the curtain or fall for the plot?...

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Eva the Deadbeat said...


I dig your blog and i agree, random is totally the way to go! Glad to know there are other discombobulated pop culture junkies out there as well!

Please keep posting and I will keep on reading! I've never heard of Haggis but look forward to watching their YT vids!

best, Eva