Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Concert Review #2: Enter the Haggis in Northampton

I love Enter the Haggis. Forever and a day. And it may have been a month ago, but I still remember that concert:

I was sitting the the balcony of the Iron Horse. If you're never been there, pretty much it's a big closet with a balcony and a very small stage. Normally when I am there, I am able to get the closest seat to the stage. Sadly, not this time, but it's not like I've never been close enough to Brian Buchanan that he could sweat on me. That kinda makes me sound like a whore, but I mean it in a performance kinda way.

Anyway, I was excited, as usual, for the concert. I had my friend, whom I had known since pre-school, with me, but I also missed my other friend who loves Haggis almost as much as me. I will never turn down a Haggis opportunity, but it's funner with someone who knows all their songs like I do.

Anyway, when the show started, I was sad to see Craig Downie, the bagpiper, in pants. He's supposed to wear a kilt. It should be in the contract, dammit! Not that he's wicked hot or anything--trust me when I say he's too old for me to judge that--but, dammit, they're a celtic band so someone should wear a kilt!!

Anyway, this was a LIVE RECORDING concert!! Poor guys had FOUR SHOWS in TWO days, but yay for us. I hope they use a lot of the songs from my concert night!

And boy, this was the best concert EVER. I mean, sure I could tell they were tired and they might not have wanted to be on stage, but dammit, the audience kicked some MAJOR ass!! AND we got THREE ENCORES out of them. The last encore they played their "hit," as I call it, since every Haggis Head loves that song, "Lanigan's Ball." Since it had been a YEAR since the last time I heard it, I almost peed myself with joy.

All in all, it was a floor stomping, hand clapping, laughing, jolly good time. All I needed was to be 21, so I could enjoy a pint while watching, so when Craig would toast the audience with his beer, I could respond with something besides water.

Trevor cracking up over something I still don't understand.
(His face got red and his voice went about 500 octaves higher, which is funny,
considering he already has a high-pitched voice.)
Brian making fun of Craig for NOT wearing a kilt during "Donald, Where's Yer Troosers?"
(We already know how I feel aboot that)
Sheep: the reason Scots wear kilts
(The sheep run away when they here the zipper...)
Trevor's G String breaking
(Yes, it was actually the G String on his acoustic)
James's AMAZING drum solo
(During the restringing process)
Congress, as usual
(James DRUMS on the GUITAR!!)
("six whole months I spent in Dublin...")

Here's a clip from YouTube, the best creation ever, from Haggis on REGIS AND KELLY, which aired a week after the concert I just reviewed. (Note: Regis and Kelly is famous for having bad sound. They're better than this...):

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