Monday, July 23, 2007

Whirlpool, Two Halves,

(drawing by Kent Mikelson)

I think this accurately describes life. When you're on the outside of the whirlpool, you go slower, have more times to make decisions. The closer you get to the middle the more chaotic things become. You go faster and faster until you're dizzy, until your head is light, until you lose all sense of orientation. It's hard to swim back to the outside of the whirlpool. It's not impossible, but it's hard. Wouldn't it be easier to let go, to let the whirlpool suck you in?

...That's more depressing then I thought.

(two drawings by Kent Mikelson)

This is the connection. The two halves of one. The same, yet different. Different places, different themes, different looks. Soul mates, if you will. Two halves of one, yet two different people.

(part of a painting by Kent Mikelson)

Dorothy enters Oz. What is the humming bird? What is the color after so much black and white? Hope.

To see more of Kent's work, google him.

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