Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth

Saturday, all I did was sit on my ass, stuff my face with Ben and Jerry's best flavor, Half-Baked, talked to all my online buddies, and watched Live Earth.


It got me thinking. Other than I think the pop culture world is going downhill with all the crappy music that was featured on Live Earth. Other than there weren't a lot of good artists who also care about the earth. Where was The Who? Bob Dylan? Hell, where the heck was U2?

I won't go on about the music, other than to say the only two people I was excited about was John Mayer and The Police. And, wouldn't you know it, they played together! Forget Kanye, gimme more JM.

Anyway, this who concert event got me thinking. It did it's purpose. It raised MY awareness.

I started researching ways to live green. It's not that hard to make a few changes. I mean, I would rather eat organic anyway, so might as well suck it up and start buying more organic foods. Start using baking soda, vinegar, hot water, and elbow grease to clean things. Stop buying products with a lot of plastic waste or at least start recycling that plastic.

I know I should give up Old Navy and WalMart. Sweat shops are not cool. How about I promise to give up Walmart when I'm not a poor college kid anymore? Unfortunately, things around here are very expensive, so... Ok, I'm making excuses, I know it. I'll just try to go there LESS.

I can do the compact florescent lightbulb thing. That's easy enough. Start shutting off lights when I'm not there.

...Do fish tanks use a lot of energy?

Stay tuned for more information about my descent into green...

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